Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well, as you know I had friends in town most of the week.  So I was juggling homework, school, and having fun.  Therefore I slacked on posting.  I will do a quick recap with some photos of the highlights.

To kickoff my friends celebration, I made a spread and we had wine, sangria, pumpkin ale, etc at the apartment before hitting up some local bars.

Included in the spread were various sandwiches, wraps, carrots, hummus, almonds, and of course chips, queso,and salsa (how Kaley and I survived college).

We then hit up Pubfiction for some delicious cocktails and mingling.

Thursday: we all went down to the beach in Galveston.  We hit up a Motorcycle dive bar (which was packed) which was right on the seawall.  Kaley had a fish sandwich that came with amazing real potato waffle fries, Anna got the shrimp Po' Boy- which had really good shrimp (I am a picky seafood eater, but these were cooked perfectly), and I had a nice Greek Salad with grilled Pita (I love Pita!!!).  [Sorry there are no pictures, but I forgot my camera]

We then laid on the beach, watched the massive amounts of sail boats and took a nap.  It was definitely the life.

Friday:  I spent the day showing Kaley around downtown Houston.  We stopped and had lunch at a little Italian bistro, Little Napolis, right on Main Street.  The wait was a bit long and they were understaffed, but once we were seated our food was prompt and hot.  Again I forgot to take pictures (I am sorry, this is what happens when old friends get to chatting).  The warm garlic bread was probably the best part of the meal although both our dishes were great too!

Friday night, we went to my school's happy hour and grabbed dinner together.  We all ate way to much Tex-Mex, but while in Texas, live like the Texans!

Saturday:  Jordan and I were up bright and early, still in Tex-Mex coma, and headed downtown for Race for the Cure. 

After quite a bit of walking to get to my school, then to the race start I was not sure it would be a good race.  I did pretty well, and felt good about my time.  I am not a fast runner, never will be, but I to finish.  I ended up finishing 23rd out of 140 in my age group!

After the race, we headed to the Greek Festival for food!


I got the dinner plate so I could sample!  I enjoyed most of it, although I was not a fan of the baked macaroni dish.

Jordan got a Gyro which was pretty good.


We bought the sample box to take home.  Three types of pastry.

 My first taste-delicious!

The rest of Saturday was spent lounging on the couch resting our legs.

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