Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Squash

Well my plans to make spaghetti squash got halted.  I got home later than planned and it was about 92 degrees; I couldn't even think about turning the oven on!

Instead I reheated the last half piece of leftover veggie pizza.  No more pizza for a long time!

Veggie pizza, I also took the crust off my hubby's pizza since he is gone.

Had carrots to go with my hummus.

Dessert.  My sweet tooth is out of control!

This is a pumpkin, apple parfait.  It tastes like a wonderful warm apple crisp.

I attended the terrace party, I attempted to try the Chick Fil-A nugget "things"; two of them and I had had enough grease for the week!

Now it is time to play with the dog and do my homework!  Gym tomorrow morning!

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