Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lots of Good Food Sunday

I made the hubby a delicious and healthy breakfast!  He has a hard man to talk into eating healthy.

Organic whole wheat and flax waffles, mixed berries, and 3 pieces of turkey bacon.

Because I lovingly gave Jordan the rest of the waffles I made a yogurt bowl.  Included were diced apples, Yoplait Thick and Creamy Cinnamon Roll, scoop of canned pumpkin, Kashi Go Lean, and cinnamon!  This bowl was big and filling!

I also ate the end piece (my favorite piece of the loaf) of our 15 grain bread with blackberry jam

I did manage to get in my run!!!!  Super excited.  I did 6 miles in under an hour and it felt great!  By the time I got done running and Jordan got done at the store it was almost 2pm and we had not eaten lunch.  We were starving and wanted to relax so we ordered  pizza from the place right around the block.

We got half vegetarian and half Sicilian sausage and peppers.  It was sooo good!

Jordan also ordered the cucumber salad- it was a little heavy on dressing, but pretty darn good anyway.

Yes, I was really hungry!  Everything was delicious.  My husband ended up eating 3 pieces of pizza and had to remain seated for about 20 minutes before he could walk.

I had a few chunks of a Balance Bar-Cookie Dough.  I keep these around the house and eat them like dessert because they taste so great!

Dinner was leftover cucumber salad and garlic bread.  Dessert was baked apple parfait- made with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Yes, this was really as good as it looks!  Needless to say I am beyond stuffed.  I will be sitting on the couch doing homework and watching Knocked Up on E! for the remainder of the night.

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