Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lazy, Cool Saturday

After the run and breakfast, we decided it was time to relax.  Football, couch, naps.

I really wanted Mexican for lunch, so I made a taco salad and mini quesadilla.

Romaine, mushrooms, red pepper hummus, carrots, salsa, tortilla chip bits

Half a whole wheat tortilla, filled with 1 wedge laughing cow, mushroom slices, and salsa (so good)!

After lunch, we watched football and I took a nice long nap!  After the nap we took Trooper on a walk and hung out for a bit.

Since it is finally "chilly" out here I decided I wanted something nice and warm for dinner:

 Baked Apple Oatmeal

Dice up 1/4th apple, put in microwave safe bowl with little bit of cinnamon and sugar
Heat in microwave 1 minute

Warm, soft "baked" apples

Add into pan of oats with even more cinnamon and heat through.

I topped with handful of Kashi Go Lean and dollop of vanilla yogurt.


**I signed up for my first ever 10k today.  It is actually on Halloween, so I have very little time to get ready!  I run 6-7 miles every Sunday but never for speed.  I have decided to run the 10k for fun and exercise, not for personal time.**

Do you always race to win, to set a personal record? 
For me, running has always been about feeling good, not racing.

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