Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home Veggie Lasagna

I am dedicating my whole post for Monday to my Lasagna.  It was really the only thing I ate worthy of posting.

Begin by boiling your pasta.  I did not have lasagna noodles on hand, and like to save $ and use the pantry, so I cooked some whole wheat pasta instead. (I used a whole box because this is going to a big dish to last all week)
I also started prepping the veggies.

 Shredded carrots.  This was a HUGE carrot, so I only used one.

 Saute your veggies.  I used fresh mushrooms (because I had them), but everything else was frozen (cheaper$$).  I used spinach, peppers & onion blend,  diced onions, and artichokes (not pictured).  My artichokes came packaged in oil, so I actually rinsed them in water.

One all components were cooked (maybe 15 minutes from prep to done) I began assembling.

 Bottom layer was pasta with cheese on top to melt and form a nice bottom base.

Then came veggie mixture.  Then a layer of pasta sauce to soak down into veggies.

Top layer of noodles.
A little more sauce over these.

Topped with shredded cheese and Parmesan.

I cooked between 375-400 (my oven is funky) for about 25 minutes or until cheese on top is golden brown.



I had a huge piece ( much bigger than I originally planned).

This recipe can be adjusted for whatever ingredients you have available, and lower calories by using eggplant or squash strips instead of noodles.  But I am also feeding a hungry husband, so I used more pasta!

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