Saturday, October 10, 2009

A miracle in Houston....

Yes, this is a real photo.  It is 57 degrees in Houston this morning.  This is the first morning I can remember that it has not been at least 85 degrees when I woke up.

Although I had planned a day off running (mainly because I went to happy hour and had way too many drinks and way too many cheese fries), I could not resist the beautiful weather!  I made it the the park before 8, and put in 4 miles in 40 minutes-a nice easy run.  It felt good, really good.  And my slight hangover was better.

Pre-run fuel.  15-grain toast with blackberry jam.

After my run, I was hungry and slightly chilly (Woo-hoo!)

After a hot shower I made some pumpkin pie (ugh, see my mishap) oats.  They did the trick.  I made only a 1/2 serving since I already had toast.

Of course I had coffee.  Two cups of nice hot Snickerdoodle blend.

My husband was starving as well.  Hangover munchies most likely.  He wanted bacon and eggs so we whipped up some eggs and turkey bacon.

It smelled so good, I could not resist a couple pieces.  I love turkey bacon.  I don't notice a taste difference, but it is so much more guilt-free!

Football time!

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