Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oatmeal Disaster

My morning started out great.  Got to sleep in until almost 630(yes that is sleeping in), headed straight the gym and got my favorite treadmill, then elliptical, came home and was going to make my first batch of pumpkin pie oats.  Here is where things start going crazy...

Got my can of pumpkin out, took a picture

Put my oats in the microwave to reheat.  And then opened my can to see the pumpkin was a weird dark color and consistency.  I thought maybe something was wrong until I noticed that we had accidentally bought Pumpkin Pie Mix instead of canned pumpkin.  Ugh!  Added sugars, oils, and goodness knows what.  But I decided to just use a small spoonful for the morning and buy the right kind this weekend.

Then...I noticed that my oats had boiled up over my bowl and all over the microwave!  Ugh again!  I saved what I could and cleaned up the microwave. 

They were not too bad, but I really dislike the taste of canned pumpkin pie mix.

After this I decided I needed some coffee, asap.  I made a yummy Vanilla Iced Coffee to save the day!

Now it is time to work on some homework!

I am really needing to start strength training again.  I worked really hard and did weights 3 times a week while getting ready for my wedding.  It took a good year but my body transformed and was very defined and toned.  Texas and law school has caused me to loose most of that, but now that I am getting back on track with running/cardio I would like to get some muscle tone back.  The problem is I am just not that interested in weight training, until I see results I have no motivation to do it. 

Do you have any strength training plan that really works for you?  Any tips on moves I should try?

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