Friday, October 9, 2009

Bad Food Day

Thursday Recap:
Things did not go any better after my oatmeal disaster.

For lunch I knew I wanted soup.

I heated up veggie soup, which ended up exploding in the microwave.  Seriously.  I clearly need to stay away from the microwave today.

On the side I made a mock quesadilla.  I wanted a sammie, but had no bread.  I used red pepper hummus, mushrooms, and salsa.

I love quesadillas, but did not enjoy the hummus.  It was overpowering warm and just weird.  I finished it though because I did not know how long it would be until dinner.

Things start to go bad again.

My husband got home and was telling me about the incident at work today.  He is a safety engineer for an oil services company, so he deals with all sorts of things.  Anyway literally five minutes after this conversation I am dicing up an apple and slice my finger open!

It was bleeding pretty heavily and my poor husband had to bandage my hand up today as well.

After this incident I was fed up with food and just made a sandwich with carrots and hummus on the side.

I honestly was not even hungry, but I was frustrated!  I am an emotional eater, anxiety eater, bored eater...etc.  Anyways I ate and then made some more bad food choices that left me in food and sugar coma.  Ugh.

I made this apple parfait with the diced apples, yogurt, and Kashi.  Polished most of this off.  Also during the evening I managed to eat a chocolate chip cookie and 1/4th of piece of cheesecake.  Ugh...sugar overload.  My body does not react well to sugar, I literally feel miserable.  So beyond feeling overly stuffed I had sugar hangover by about 9 pm.

I hopped on my stationary bike to try and sweat it help.  I woke up this morning (Friday) still in food coma and feeling stuffed.  I skipped breakfast and opted for some coffee because I am tired.  I am thinking about doing a semi-fast today.  I don't have a workout planned so I don't need the extra energy, and I feel like my body needs a day to digest all the toxins and sugar I put in it this week.

Do you ever feel like you need a day of cleansing for your body?  (I will not actually be completely fasting, but will limit my food to a few natural snacks such as apples or oats, and let my body digest the overboard of food and sugar from this week)

*Here is to hoping to feel less lethargic by tomorrow morning!

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