Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Recap

Good morning.  My breakfast/lunch is pictured above.  Frozen berries, Dannon Light & Fit, Kashi, Pb, and cinnamon.
It has been a busy busy weekend.  Friday night I began my outlining...ugh.  Ended up falling asleep buried in books around 8:30.  I guess I was pretty tired.
Saturday morning, woke up, ran 6 miles, had review class at 10, then Alumni game watching party at 11.  After game I came home and outlined more.  Met the girls later in the evening and we watched Sixteen Candles...ah I love 80s movies.

Sunday:  slept until 8!!!  Ran to Walmart, ran 3 miles and walked 1 (the hubby joined me so we lightened the mileage), came home and ate my yogurt bowl pictured above.  Now it is time for the Texans game and homework.

Highlights from this week:

Honey Crisp apples with cinnamon

Hubby brought me home Fall Flowers

I ate pumpkin oats for soooo many meals this week!  And they were all delicous!

Goodies to cook this week!  

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