Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Italian Stuffed Sqaush

Sauteed frozen spinach, diced onions, baby ports.

Whole grain rice-I really wish I had couscous

Mixed scoop of rice with spinach mixture and pasta sauce to make stuffing.

Stuffed the acorn squash.  To cook squash I cut in half and baked cut down for 40 minutes. 

While making the main dish was cooking I also threw in some stuffed baby ports.  Yum! 
I ate four of these-the hubby wasn't fast enough!

Finished squash.  After stuffing I topped with mozzarella and baked additional 10-15 minutes until cheese browned slightly.  You could also use broiler.

All together now by the candle light.  I served the extra stuffing, but these squash were so filling neither of use needed more.

Delicious.  That is some extra stuffing so you can see what it looked like mixed.

An hour later I did treat myself to  Yoplait Key Lime Pie yogurt for dessert!

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