Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Beautiful Fall Day

Moving to Houston has made me cherish seasons so much!  I woke up this morning to rain and a cool breeze.  My husband is going on a business trip this week so I really want to spend time with him today, and he was not feeling a run at 7 this I am postponing my long run.  Hopefully I will go later today (I am really bad at not running if I don't do it first thing in the morning).

The good news is that Fall is my favorite clothing season. I couldn't resist putting something on even though I am just sitting around the house this morning:

Ah, long sleeve cotton dress with new boat shoes.  I really want a plaid scarf to top of this outfit!

No breakfast yet, because I am really not hungry.  I always eat breakfast after my workout, so we will see how the morning progresses.

Last night we had a mini-doggie date and then went with a friend to a little house warming party.

The boys who had just got a new townhome are actually from my hometown.  That is how my friend (who I went to high school with and randomly ended up in Houston as well) knew them.  It was nice to hang out with Midwesterners for the evening!  These boys also make their own homemade brew, so Jordan was pretty darn excited!  I was pretty excited because one of them is studying to become a chef...that means food!

First sample was spinach & artichoke dip with fresh baked Hawaiian Sweet Bread.
Oh goodness I carb-loaded for no reason!

My husband really enjoyed this queso dip that was loaded with meat chunks.  I thought it was good although I don't care for meat in my queso dip.

My husband also sampled their homemade brew and tried a rum and cider.
I didn't have anything to drink because I was planning on my long run today and wanted to be hydrated.

Much fun was had by all and Anna and I even watched the pilot episode for original 90210 on their Netflix.  (Anna and I are obsessed  with 90210-the old school version!)

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