Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Minute Rescue

My hubby almost threw out this nearly empty peanut butter jar.  Luckily I swooped in and rescued it last minute!  This morning was pumpkin oats in the pb jar!

I also did Pilates this morning for the first time in quite awhile.  I love how aware it makes me feel of my body.  The video I follow is for beginners so it is slower and focuses on the moves and your muscles.

Tonight:  Law School Halloween Party (I will not be drinking ghoulish treats)
Tomorrow 8am:  10k Race

**For those of you wondering why I would schedule myself like that...I had signed up for the race quite awhile ago assuming that the Halloween Party would actually be on Halloween (crazy-I know).  I had planned on running the 10k that morning then going out Saturday night; however, plans change.  So I will be attending the festivities and limiting myself to one or two drinks and going light on the greasy bar food.  It is important to remember that you can live a healthy lifestyle and still go out with friends!

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