Tuesday, September 1, 2009



The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt- Low Fat Plain
Another Central Market find. Again this is the larger size tub so you get mutliple servings. Each 4 oz serving has only 60 calories! This stuff is high in protein, low in calories. I chose the non-fat plain, but they aslo had a vanilla flavor.

Taste: Because it is plain yogurt I don't really eat it without some cinnamon and honey, but the taste is good nonetheless. Not too sour, but with a little honey it the perfect sweetness.
Texture: Thick texture that holds its own with chunks of fruit. It is almost a bit lumpy though. I have had creamier greek yogurt before.
Review: would definitely buy again. I love greek yogurt, so buying a multiple serving size container saves me money. Not the best greek yogurt I have had, but the stats are great and a little cinnamon doctors it up!

Muscle Milk Light-100 Calorie to Go
This snack was eaten on the run obviously. I drank this on my walk to class. I love Muscle Milk Light Protein powder, so when I saw this on the shelf at the sports store I had to buy one! It is obviously 100 calories, and no sugar added. The only flavor available at the store was chocolate.

Taste: had a slight protein after taste, but not too bad. Especially considering I was drinking this thing in about 105 degree heat! This didn't taste like chocolate milk, but was by no means one of those horrible cardboard tasting nutritional shakes. Personally, I liked the taste because I like the Muscle Milk Light protein powder. In powder my favorite flavor is the french vanilla, so I would be interested to try this shake in vanilla.
Texture: surprisingly milk-like for being lactose free. I mist all my protein powders with milk for a creamier taste, so I was pleasantly surprised with how creamy this was.
Review: I would definitely buy again, it was a great snack to keep me full for my 20 minute walk and classes. I found the attached straw to be useless because it was too short, but the opening was more like a can so I drank straight from the container.

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