Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Are you a routine person or a go with the flow?

Personally I love routines.  I find comfort in routines.  Routines make me happy.  My favorite thing "to routine" is my workout.  Throughout college I woke up early every morning (M-F) and hit the gym.  It started my day out right and I felt great.

Well, law school has different plans for me.  I end up getting up early to try and cram in more reading before class so I only make it to the gym on Tues/Thurs when my class starts later.  I am now getting into food routines, particularly oatmeal.

Oatmeal is comforting to me.  In a weird way my favorite foods are the one constant I have kept since moving away from home. 

I right this because my food choices seem to be becoming more and more bland.  I need the routine to combat the stress of school and life right now.  So I apologize if my food pictures become slightly boring and/or repetitive.  (I.E. eating oatmeal for two meals Tuesday).

Tuesday meals consisted of:  Breakfast-oatmeal, Lunch-soup and sandwich, Dinner-Oatmeal and toast

 I tried the store brand version, it was way cheaper and pretty good.  A little too much broth.

Had with a mushroom and cheese toasted sandwich.

As a said, dinner was more oatmeal.

Oats with almond butter, Kashi cereal, and honey.

Toast with blackberry jam to finish of the meal.

Also had a cup of coffee and popsicle.  There may have been a peanut butter Fiber One bar consumed today as well.!

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