Monday, August 31, 2009

The Snacking Continues

School is stressing me out, and I am endlessly snacking. That is not good because my metabolism does not handle it as well anymore. I am still hoping to loose my Texas lazy pounds (along with my husband who gained about 20 of them!) in order to be in the best shape for running season.

Got home class and was starving from only having a Cliff bar for lunch. I had a bag of Baked Lays, plum, finished off piece of cake (sugar cravings still) and cup of coffee.

Dinner was healthy and delicious! Salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, grilled chicken, and few tortilla pieces.

Dessert: Banana Soft serve (not pictured because I ate it so fast) topped with blueberries, chocolate syrup, and Redi Wip.

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