Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday + Saturday

Well, I am about to leave for Dallas to attend a wedding and catch up with my Aunt and Uncle.
I got up at 5 and put in 3 miles at the gym. I had pretty much finished packing last night luckily. Still running around trying to get organized though!

Although it looks like we will be staying at a really nice hotel, they do not have complementary wi-fi so I will not be able to post until Sunday.

Trooper will also be boarded tonight (so nervous for him!).

I will do a recap post Sunday, but for now here was the rest of Friday:


Lunch was a almond butter and strawberry jam sandwich. It got a tad smashed in my book bag, but still tasted great!!! Also had apple slices on the side.

Dinner was a salad with hummus and lots of mushrooms (not pictured, but similar to the other ones this week).

Dessert was frozen yogurt. We had never been to a frozen yogurt bar before (Indiana doesn't have too many of those), so we splurged! It was awesome! A whole wall of frozen yogurt machines and a buffet of toppings!

I had half cheesecake, half cake batter fro-yo. Then topped with fresh strawberries, few chocolate chips, slivered almonds, and one piece of cookie dough.
My husband had a little of everything (no joke, I can't even remember all his flavors) topped with strawberries and chocolate sauce.

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