Thursday, September 24, 2009

Snack Attack and the DVR

Well, the hubby is gone 3 evenings this week helping a friend move after work so I have the apartment and TV to myself.  I watched way too much television yesterday evening, but I caught up on all the new fall shows!

NCIS- awesome!  I am addicted to this show ever since I watched a marathon of reruns on USA.
The Good Wife- didn't want to get addicted to another show, but this is a strong woman attorney:  I set the series to record.
NCIS LA:  I recorded.  I have not watched.  I love NCIS and don't know that I can watch a spin-off that stars LL COOL J.

For dinner I made a tortilla pizza topped with lots of mushrooms, artichokes, and spinach!

Lots of veggies.

Topped with Parmesan and broiled slightly.  I always seem to burn 1/4 of the "crust".  My broiler must be hotter in one section.

Still amazing!

Snacks this afternoon consisted of 100 calorie bag of popcorn and coco roasted almonds!

Evening snacks (I should not eat in front of the TV, it is mindless) consisted of stealing a bag of my husbands Vickie's Sea Salt chips and a Luna Chai Tea Bar (I love Chai, but this was overpowering).

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