Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Run

Ah, woke up without an alarm this morning. But technically the dog woke me up. It was at 7 am, which is sleeping in to me! Then decided to go get in a run. Initially I had planned on doing at least 6 miles, but the husband wanted to go so we got there and cut it down to 3 miles (I kept a 9 minute pace the whole way) and then walked for 20 minutes after around the beautiful Rice neighborhood. *Side note- we walked by a house having a party with valet parking outside their house! I am always amazed what people with money do here* Anyway, back to the run it felt great and I kept a steady pace. I love running, but I am a slow runner. I would say I am slow for two main reasons: 1) I have short legs and short stride 2) I like to look around and zone out with my thoughts so I tend to run a little slower without concentrating.

For me, running is not about speed it is about quiet time to myself. What do you run for? Speed, enjoyment, distance?

Back home for breakfast I told Jordan (my husband) I would make him pancakes. I had bought a new whole wheat mix that I was excited to try out. The pancakes tasted great, unfortunately I am not a great pancake turner so a couple were pretty smushed.

I had a yogurt, banana, Kashi Go Lean bowl. I am using a different yogurt right now. We shopped at a local Kroger and they did not have a good selection of Greek yogurt so I bought a bulk size Dannon. The flavor is great, but consistency just is not as good as Greek yogurt.

Breakfast was great! And now it is time for coffee and getting ready for football!

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