Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday Dinner Spectacular

While grocery shopping we picked up a huge butternut squash. I had never cooked it before so I decided I was up for the challenge Wednesday night. Anytime I cook new things I browse a bunch of recipes on line and then blend them together to make something I like.

I decided to cook half the squash one way (cubed, roasted), and the over half differently (leaving the half whole and roasted).
Here is the cubed squash. Sorry the picture is sideways. Sometimes it will not load the pictures the correct direction. Anyone know how to fix this?

Anyway this was sooooo good! I liked this cooking method way better even though the prep was tedious (peeling and cubing). The half squash seemed mushier to me, although we might have just overcooked it.

On the side I made homney with cinnamon and honey.
All together now!
My husband had some pasta (he needs more than veggies to stay full) and a side of italian bread with Tuscan dipping oil.

Dinner was a success.
Then a 3 mile run with my new water belt (breaking it in).

More squash tomorrow night!

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