Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday-Fall Series Premiere

Breakfast was usual yogurt, fruit, cereal parfait.

Lunch: Blueberry crisp Cliff Bar
(old picture)

Snack: 100 calorie bag popcorn (not pictured because I ate it all while watching a Drop Dead Diva episode)

Hummus wrap with mushrooms, pickle, onion, lettuce
Side salad

I also made homemade fries for the hubby. Sliced the potatoes. Brought to boil with 1 tbsp salt. Cooked 3/4th the way. Then tossed in bowl with olive oil, Gordon's seasoning, salt, pepper, chili pepper. Baked until brown.

Soooooo good. I ended up eating quite a few!

Anyone else excited about Fall Tv series premieres???? Here is my hot list:
maybe NCIS-LA
Criminal minds-Wednesday
Greys Anatomy-Thursday

What are you looking forward to??

By the way I don't actually get to watch these during the week due to homework, but I DVR and catch up on weekends and slow days!

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