Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yoga for non-Yogaers

Yes I made up that word. I am always up for trying new things to stay fit and healthy. I have tried yoga before (I bought a beginner DVD at some point in time). I did not like it, in fact I quit after about 5 minutes. I have also attempted Namaste on Fit TV, again did not like. It is just too slow and with my time being so precious I feel like I need to make the most of any fitness minutes I get in. Sitting and breathing just did not work for me. (Let me note, I do love Pilates! It is the best ab workout I have ever done.)

Well, after reading how much one of the food bloggers I read daily loves yoga I decided to give the recommended poses a try. I believe these are called sun salutations, again I am a Yoga newbie. Anyway, I did these moves in my empty living room after 20 minutes of ab work...AND...I enjoyed it. My whole body felt stretched out.

Here is the food blog where I have been reading about yoga.
She does it to wake up in the morning, I believe it will be best for me to do it before bed because I have developed a major case of insomnia thanks to school stress.

The moral of the story: maybe it the 6th time is the charm for cardio junkies like myself to enjoy yoga.

Goodnight all, up early to brief cases.

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