Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wedding Weekdend

We just returned from Dallas from the wedding! The wedding was great and the reception was beautiful. There was lots of good food and dancing!

On Saturday we left early and I ate a Luna bar for breakfast in the car.

**It has been pouring rain all weekend, so I did not bring my camera with me because it would have been soaked and ruined.**

I have an Aunt and Uncle in Dallas that we met up to eat lunch with. I found a burger place on the web that was supposed to be best burger joint in Texas. Of course we must try!
Twisted Burger Company in downtown Dallas was amazing! And guess what, they had turkey and veggie burgers served on whole wheat buns!

I ordered a turkey burger, whole wheat bun, that came with lettuce, tomato, and onion. I topped with their homemade mustard and BBQ. Delicious! This was the moistest turkey burger I have ever had (they usually get dried out while cooking). I also got to enjoy a great burger without feeling guilty and lethargic after. Everyone at the table ordered a different burger and they were all great!
They also had sweet potato chips, but the burgers were so big there was no room for sides.

After this we went to the hotel, which had wonderful rooms. (Warwick near Oak Lawn in Dallas).

Surprisingly I made it to dinner at the reception without eating again. I am guessing that wine and champagne helped me hold over ;)

I did not take my camera out at dinner for obvious reasons (polite not to have a camera flash go off while trying to eat).

The now-wife comes from a Greek family, so the wedding was very Greek. We started with a delicious greek salad and matza.

Next was all white chicken breast and small steak with asparagus and risotto. I ate about half of the meat and all of the risotto. I also had a small dinner roll. And...more champagne.
Later came a small piece of cake (very small). There was also lots and lots of dancing!

And my favorite part of the wedding...cookie bar! The groom is from Pennsylvania, and it is a Western Penn. tradition to send home cookies as a gift to guests.
Horrible picture, but here is my loot!
We got back to Houston around noon and I was starving! I had not eaten breakfast.
I made a sandwich with tortilla, hummus, and mushrooms, apple sliced up, and bag of baked lays! I will probably eat some cookies too!

Hope to fit in a workout later this evening! Hard to be motivated today.

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