Thursday, August 13, 2009

Early Riser

Well the dog was up at 515am. I guess that is an improvement from the 230 am all week. So I got up, took him on a one block only walk, and returned unable to sleep and unmotivated for the usual 6am gym time.

Instead I made my husband lunch (sauteed turkey sausage, cheese, dijon, on his white bread) and myself breakfast.

Let me say, although it does not look super appetizing this breakfast tastes great!

I used one thick and creamy cinnamon roll Yoplait (my favorite), 1 cup frozen mixed berries (I am temporarily out of fresh, cinnamon and honey to garnish. On the side 1 piece whole wheat toast with sugar free strawberry preserves.

I must fit in a workout today, but I am unmotivated for the gym. And needless to say it is always way too hot outside to run. I may turn on the TV and use the stationary bike today.

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