Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Snacking

Well, so far this weekend has not been good training wise or foodwise. Friday night I repeated my BLT quesadilla. I also went to happy hour and had a little too much to drink. Four vodka, club soda, and lime too many to be exact. Which led me to be unreserved in my snacking, eating a large chunck of carrot cake.

Ugh...Saturday morning = sugar and vodka hangover. I woke up dehydrated and feeling the effects of too much sugar. I had a splitting headache. I wanted to immediately get in a run, but we had errands that had already been put off for weeks.

Breakfast was in the car...blueberry crisp Cliff bar. After errands, we took Trooper to the Bayou in hopes of getting in some exercise. I still felt awful so we jogged/mostly walked 3 miles in about 45 minutes.

Lunch: We had gotten a frozen pizza at the store on sale, so we decided to fix that. It was a brick oven portebella and spinach. I added more mushrooms and artichokes to my piece!

Also had a small side salad. (not pictured)

Then snacking began. I had some baked cheetos (horrible and artificial), ended up eating a lot of my husbands new BBQ Chex Mix (I love Chex Mix, it is dangerous to have near me), and I finished off the giant piece of carrot cake. Snack coma ensued and I took a nice long nap. The unreasonably hot weather causes me to sit inside, thus causing my snacking comas. Luckily it is about race season here, so I will be forced to get back in shape and clean up my eating habbits! The downside of being an adult and being in the real world: I can longer eat whatever I want all the time and see no consequences.

Dinner: I knew I needed to get back on track for dinner or I would feel awful tomorrow, another sugar headache would be unpleasant! Time for some fruit! I made a parfait bowl and had toast for dinner.
Picture keeps loading rotated wrong, sorry!

1 small banana
handful blueberries
3 large strawberries
vanilla yogurt
half Fiber One bar chopped up
drizzle of honey
Plus two pieces of light wheat toast
Dinner was satisfying although I was not super hungry.

We took Trooper on another walk and now it is time to work on homework. Tomorrow will be a day to get back on track with healthy eating and 7 mile run.

Goal before first race: drop down to optimal running weight (those 5 TX pounds), and drop a minute of my mile time

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