Saturday, August 22, 2009

Up and At 'Em

Lunch: leftover pizza. It was actually probably a little better this time because I heated on a cookie sheet which crisped up the bottom a bit.


Well at 520 am I woke up with a massive headache. Dehydration. I took Trooper on a quick walk and noticed it was almost cool outside. I begged Jordan to get up and take me to the park (because it was dark out and I was afraid to go alone). After an hour of convincing he finally was up and ready. Unfortunately we did not get to the trail until almost 7, which means the sun was coming up and it was starting to get hot.

I did 3 miles in 29 minutes including my warmup walking. I was steady but not fast. However, the run cured my headache!

It was then time to search for a new backpack with straps that do not leave my collarbone bruised. After going to 3 stores I came home with 2 different backpacks which I will be testing today. I plan on loading up my books and walking a few blocks to see which bag tests out. During the backpack hunt we picked up some protein bars for breakfast on the go. I had a blueberry crisp Cliff bar. It was delicious.

[Picture to come from my phone]

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