Friday, August 14, 2009

Healthy Lunch Date

Above: Ziggyrita (made with fresh fruit juice)
Below: Jordan's (my husband) 3-trio fry plate, yes he had to order the one unhealthy thing on the menu. I must admit the fresh cut sweet potato fries were yummy!

Below: My husband's mesquite turkey burger, lettuce, tomato, onion on whole wheat bun. He could not wait for me to take a picture, he had to dig in!

Below: My low-fat chicken salad with pecans and rosemary and green-mix salad. So much food could only eat the salad and half sandwich.

Unbelievably I talk my husband into going to Ziggy's Healthy Bar and Grill (River Oaks) for lunch. My husband does not tend to like much of anything advertised as healthy, organic, or low fat. But we had a wonderful lunch date, and the food was delicious!!! The pictures are from my Blackberry so they are tad shaky and don't quite do the food justice.

Not pictured: Dessert was an orange-almond flourless sugar free cake. It was very different from anything I have ever had before. It was not super sweet but very satisfying.

After a delicious lunch I took Jordan to World Market for the first time. We walked out with two bottles of wine and 3 bottles of imported ales.

MORNING: After breakfast this morning we went to the park and did a 6 mile run. It was way too hot and humid and I did not enjoy the run nearly as much as I should have. After the run we stopped at Whole Foods and bought fresh blueberries, chicken sausage, and giant vegan cookies!

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