Friday, November 6, 2009

Soup, Soup, Soup

I have been sleeping, studying, and attending class only this week!  I am exhausted and not feeling much better!

Since I love butternut squash and I love soup I thought logically I would love butternut squash soup.  Wrong.  I did not care for this at all.  I think I really only care for tomato based soups.

So I got out this can from the pantry.  Now this was yummy.

I also made a sammie.  Sorry for the weirdly bright picture.  I used 1 wedge laughing cow, some pasta sauce, and some shredded cheese.  Toasted.

This soup was good and full of lots of vegetable chunks, noodles, and mini-meatballs.

Lots of leftover Halloween candy was consumed this week...ugh it needs to be out of sight!

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