Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun Fact Day

While many runners prefer warmer/cooler temps, 55 degrees is considered to be the ideal running temperature. For every 20 degrees above/below 55 degrees a runner will see a 7% degradation in their running ability. 
This Fact was found over at Spark People's Running Quiz

This may explain why I pretty much had to quit running this summer when the temps were 110 everyday!

Dinner last night was Subway.  We were tired and I did not feel like cooking.

I also had a small bowl of Pumpkin ice cream-I had an excuse, my throat is still sore and ice cream makes it feel better!

Breakfast this morning was baked apple oatmeal again-still delicious! 

Family Code here I come!


  1. I agree. I'd much rather run when it's cool outside. It was in the low 50s when I ran the Boston Half Marathon and it was PERFECT.

  2. Me too! Although I now settle for any day that isn't 100% humidity. Houston is always hot is seems!