Sunday, November 15, 2009

Food Coma Weekend

Although I managed to run 9 miles Saturday and 6 miles today.  I am still suffering food hangover.  I even skipped breakfast--which never ever happens!!!!

After my Saturday run, I toasted up a Whole Wheat Flax waffle, smeared on some pureed pumpkin, cinnamon, and honey.  I ate this on the walk to the bar for a dual Alumni Watch Party.  Because the game did not go well for us, I won't talk about it more.  But I ended up drinking at screw driver at 10am (hello college days) and 2 beers.

I also snagged a pretty good hot dog from the Alumni Club.  They were cooking out on the grill.  Even toasted to bun. I actually love hot dogs cooked on charcoal...tastes like summer fun.  (P.S. It is over 80 here still, so it feels like summer fun)

Dinner was at Chuys (Mexican cuisine) to celebrate a friend's birthday.  I ordered a pretty darn good soup and salad combo.  I could not resist the Tortilla soup!  This was really good tortilla soup. Chunks of white meat chicken, tomatoes, celery, corn, avocado, and spices.

My soup cam with this large-sized dinner salad.  I ended up eating about half.
Before we ordered I literally downed an entire basket of chips and jalapeno dip all by myself!
Needless to say I was uncomfortable stuffed!

We hit up a bar for a bit and headed home early to take the doggie out!

My husband also drove all the way back from the burbs at midnight to surprise Trooper and I.  Trooper might have been disappointed because he had quite quickly moved into Jordan's spot on the bed and even claimed the pillow!

Unpictured for the day are 4 snickerdoodle cookies and a brownie!  Yes, that is a ridiculous amount of sweets and goodness knows how many calories.  The realization that I have not started studying seriously hit me yesterday and when a package arrived with homemade bake goods I had a mini-melt down.  I admit I felt pretty darn guilty/bad about eating that many cookies (large cookies at that).  I am working really hard to get my pre-Texas body back and to drop a few pounds that have crept on from being inactive.  Being as short as I am (barely over the 5ft mark) even five pounds can have a pretty negative effect on how my body looks and how I preform athletically.

What do you do to get past a calorie overload?  Or how do you keep yourself on track?

For me, I ran 6 miles today when I had planned on 3 earlier this week.  I am also going to be way more careful throughout the week to negate all those sugar calories!

Now onto Sunday:

The hubby and I woke up and hit the park.  I did a very slow, food/sugar hangover 6 miles.  The hubby even managed to run 2 and walk 2.  We came home, took the dog on a nice little walk, then hit Sams to stock up until the new year.

At Sams I found a pretty good deal on Arnold's Sandwish Thins, so I decided to cave in and finally give them a try.  Upon opening the bad I noticed they had a pretty nice hearty smell to them.  I also liked that you could see grains on the texture.

I just lightly toasted my thin, then added red pepper hummus, turkey, mushrooms, and lettuce.

On the side was carrots and grapes.

I really wasn't hungry given all the food I ate yesterday, but I knew my body needed some nutrients after my run this morning.

The rest of the day is dedicated to getting my classwork done(only one more week) and trying to cram in 3 weeks worth of studying into one week!

Wish me luck!

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