Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

For not celebrating the holiday, we have had a decent day here in Houston.  The weather is beyond beautiful!  The hubby and I had a nice 40 minute (4miles-ish) run this morning at Memorial.  I was glad to see there were a lot of runners out there.

There was not stuffing our bellies with endless calories, but we enjoyed some good food and watched a Christmas movie.

I made a pretty decadent turkey sandwich.
This is lightly toasted sourdough bread
1 Swiss Laughing Cough Cheese
Thinly sliced apple
turkey slices
thinly sliced onions
sprinkle of moz. cheese
drizzle of balsamic vingarette

I then broiled this for a few minutes until warm and gooey

Soooo good!  My husband was extremely jealous and actually ate a huge chunk of my sandwich when I walked into the kitchen to get a napkin!
On the side I had apple slices not pictured and handful of chex mix.

I followed this recipe, EXCEPT I used a store bought reduced fat graham cracker crust, Splenda instead of sugar,  and used a pumpkin pie spice mix for the spices.  I also used about 3 times more spice because I really, really like pumpkin pie spice!

Store bought crust--so much easier

Mixing the cream cheese part (I used my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer because I love this thing!)

Separating 1 cup cream cheese mixture-adding in 1/2 cup pumpkin (that leaves leftover pumpkin for oats tomorrow~)

Cream cheese layer then pumpkin mix layer

I over-baked mine a bit as you can tell

But it still tasted just fine!!!!!!!!

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