Friday, November 13, 2009

Food Recap for Thursday and Friday

Food highlights from Thursday and Friday:

Tuna/black bean wrap with carrots for lunch Thursday.

Thursday night we had breakfast for dinner!  I love breakfast--it is definitely my favorite meal of the day!
I had a HUGE bowl of pumpkin oats with Kashi and honey on top.

Cup of iced Joe, cup of OJ

The hubby had a HUGE omelet with peppers, onions, and Salami.   Two pieces of wheat toast on the side.  My hubby likes the Sara Lee "kids" bread.

Friday night was this frozen pizza which I doctored up with nice sized baby ports!  Yum, yum!

I had a bite of this ice cream sandwich.

My hubby made brownies, so I ended up eating a brownie with pumpkin ice cream!  Oh coma!

Good thing I have a nice long run planned for the morning.

Right now it is studying while watching the Friday night Criminal Minds Mini-Marathon on A & E.  I love Criminal Minds!

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