Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finals Time

Started my morning with baked apple oatmeal.  So good.

I used the stove for oats because I forget to set them overnight.  I cooked the oats normally 1/2 oats, 1 cup water.  While they were cooking I microwaved diced apple with cinnamon and splash of water for 1 minute.  At the end I mixed the apples into the pot and let them cook just a minute or two more.


Last night the apartment complex had their monthly meal and last night's theme was Thanksgiving dinner.  I of course filled my plate with a sample of everything.  We more than likely will not be celebrating this year because I have a final on Monday, so I needed to get some traditional food in now!

Sunday night we went over to a friend's to watch football.  I packed a salad and topped it with a piece of the grilled chicken they made.  I may or may not have stolen some cheese fries!

This is me hanging my award from the 10k!!!
I must return to the books.  I hope to post again soon!

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