Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Went Grocery Shopping!!!!

Since we took a 2 week vacation to Indiana then NYE, we hadn't been to the grocery store in a little over a month!!  You could see wall behind every shelf of the pantry and were left with bread, 1/2 box pasta, and pasta sauce.  BUT NOW:  FULL Pantry!  Notice the shelf dedicated almost entirely to my hubby's ChefBoyrDee (better than fast food for lunch I suppose)

More grocery goods:

YUM:  an entire bowl of squash.  I am so ready for my spaghetti squash bake.

Apples and Bananas, i.e. my survival.

With all my new goods I finally had options for dinner.  But, I have been craving yogurt and banana for days!


I diced up one medium banana and 1/4 large apple

Then topped with Dannon Light n Fit (it was on sale), 1 tsp almond butter, Kashi, cinnamon, and honey.  This was unbelievable and really hit the spot.

Also two pieces of toast trying to use up my old jelly.  I really didn't need this bread and probably shouldn't have eaten it, but oh well.  The dog did get about 3/4 of a slice.

Dessert:  (Yes I ate two desserts today) was a cup of Hot Chocolate.

Race Prep:

As I mentioned I really wanted to improve my diet in preparation for my race.  Ideally I would like to drop about 5 pounds (1 pound a week) because that is the race weight I feel best at, but....snacking and a sweet tooth may prevent that.  I still feel that my training is going well, but I am not getting faster so it may be time to buckle down and count the calories (ugh!).

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