Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Dinner

First I started the morning off with a large bowl of banana oats.  Topped with a few chunks of a granola bar and almond butter.  Filled me up!

Planned dinner for last night was Tofu Pad Thai.  However, I realized I was missing some key sauce ingredients and had to ditch the plan.  I ended up just throwing together some random foods.


Fried Okra (this was pre-breaded and frozen).  Although I don't usually eat a lot of fried food this was fun and reminded me of home! (My mom makes some good fresh fried okra)

I also had about half a small roasted butternut squash!  Butternut squash is nature's candy I swear.

And I made both the hubby and small side salads.

Turned out to be a fun and tasty dinner.

Hopefully pad thai tonight.

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