Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Class from 830-530

I signed up for a Family Law Mediation course during Intersession, which means I go to class from 830-530 for four days!  Although the hours are long, I get really good food and I will be certified to mediate divorces after!

Food from the day:
I apologize for the photos but I had to use my phone, as bringing a camera to a CLE full of attorneys is not really appropriate.

My snack was this Pria bar I got at the store last night.  I have never had this bar before but it was on closeout.  I didn't enjoy the bar-it had a weirdly strong mint aftertaste- and probably would not pay the 20 cents again.

Lunch was Amazing!  TreeBeards catered today and brought with them their famous (or just well known to the local downtown crowd) Chicken/Sausage Gumbo.  Yum Yum!  
I used willpower and ate in moderation!
I filled up half my plate with the amazing salad which was full of color:  radishes, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, spring mix, mushrooms, carrots.  I accidentally drown my salad in dressing because of the ladle, but it was still delicious!
I ended up only eating a bite of the french bread but saved room for dessert:

I am SO MAD this picture is blurry, but this little concoction was delicious!  It wasn't a brownie or a blondie.  It was very sweet and chewy and tasted like honey.  Anyone have any ideas?

Anyway lunch was good.

This morning I slept until 6 and by the time I checked on the gym it was packed!  (Later tonight will be rant on New Year Resolutionist who through a wrench in my regular routine!).  I hit my stationary bike and watched the news for 20 minutes. 
I have a 3 mile run and strength on the training schedule, but might make today a rest day instead.  I really shouldn't though!

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