Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Taco Bell Diet?

For starters:  I had the last bowl of my tomato bisque with a cheese and pepper grilled sandwich.

I ate dessert with lunch:  1 pack 100 calorie Oreo Crisps

Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet

If you have been watching TV lately you have probably seen the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet commercial with Christine as the new "Subway Jared".  Honestly, the first time I saw the commercial I thought it was a joke, sadly it was not.  Taco Bell as diet food?  Really?

I remember my love-affair with the T-Bell in college.  Every Friday night my roomie and I would have a T-Bell date and then after hitting the big 2-1 we would hit up T-Bell about 3am for a post-bar food run! Lucky for me I had a really fast metabolism and plenty of time for the gym, so those T-Bell pounds never packed on.  But, once I got engaged and entered wedding mode I gave up Taco Bell (and many other bad foods). 

I haven't given in to the T-Bell craving since college and don't know that this "Drive-Thru Diet" will make me change that.  Although I think it is a positive step to add healthy choices to fastfood menus because so many Americans rely on fastfood; I read with caution Christine's story. 

Being healthy is all about healthy choices and exercising.  As the find print at the bottom of the website points out, Christine made healthy choices and exercised for over two years! 

Overall?   I am glad T-Bell is offering healthier options.  I would like to see the 1,000+ calorie items nixed or fixed.  I still believe the only way to lose weight is simple:  Calories consumed - calories burned.  But if I am ever in a pinch, the Fresco Chicken Ranchero looks pretty good.

Your thoughts on the Taco Bell Diet?

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