Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hook Em Horns

The BCS Championship Game is tonight and since my beloved Boilers don't compete at that level, I am cheering for my adopted team:  Texas Longhorns!

Today was another day of class from 8:30 to 530ish.  I got out a bit early and am blogging until the hubby gets here to pick me up!

This morning I got up super early and hit the gym for about 50 mins.  30 minutes of slow running (but I did hills) and then 20 minutes on the elliptical.  My training schedule called for a 45 minute temp run, but I just cannot run for more than 30 minutes on the treadmill-it is too boring!

I worked on some blog things (hopefully to be announced soon!) and then headed to school.  The walk was very windy and reminded me that the temperature is dropping to 20 degrees with wind chills in the single digits tonight!!!  Can you believe that?  I live in Houston now people, it is supposed to be warm!  Good thing I hadn't boxed up all my winter gear from the holiday trip.

Lunch was a boxed lunch from Luby's that included a turkey sandwich (some guy got the last one with wheat bread!), fruit cup, Baked Lays Original (my favorite chip of all time!), and a cookie which I tucked back to bring the hubby.

I will likely not be posting tonight because I will be yelling at the TV and cheering on theLong Horns!!!

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