Saturday, January 9, 2010

Box Lunches

Today was my last day of class and I now have my certificate to mediate family law disputes.  I am pretty excited about this!

I have been eating boxed lunches all week in class, so I am excited to do some lunch planning next week, but here is a look at the last two days:

Friday was a Chick Fil A box.  I was not too excited about the sandwich.  It was breaded and greasy.  On the plus side it came with lots of lettuce and tomato toppings.

The box included my a fruit cup, brownie, and my favorite chips again!  The sandwich was so BIG that I only ate the fruit cup.  I saved the chips and took the brownie to my hubby.

Dinner last night was more stuffed acorn squash-see below.

This morning we got up before the sun and ran 5.5 miles with a 15 degree windchill.  (Yes I am in still in Houston and yes it is crazy!)
Being proud of myself for running this morning I treated myself to a donut for breakfast:

My donut looked like this with walnuts on top.  I forgot to take a picture. (Picture by

Saturday was pizza.  I had a this slice of veggie pizza (plus 1/2 another) and a side salad.

I dug into the Baked Lays from yesterday as a snack.

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