Thursday, December 17, 2009

Packing, baking, wrapping

Apples with cinnamon are the best snack ever!

Lunch was a small (very tiny) cup of vegetarian chili.

Tuna salad sandwich--ate most of this.  Few wheat thins as well!

Trooper has watched as Jordan and I madly try to prepare for the 20 hour drive!
Is he not the cutest dog in the world?!?!

My present from Santa aka the hubby!

A girl can never have too many handbags.  This picture does not do the bag justice.  It is pretty.  Nice leather, soft, smells of new leather.  Also pretty roomy inside, which is good because I tend to carry around a lot of stuff!

Dinner was a piece (okay two) of frozen pizza.  The garlic bread kind.  Not very healthy, but very tasty!

I stocked up on Cliff bars for the trip!  Also will be packing some pb&j's!

Starting tomorrow I will be driving for a good 20 hours, but expect a post once I get settled and eat something blogworthy!

***Shout out to Anna if she is reading this, see you soon!***

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