Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Driving All Over!

I apologize for the lack of posting.  We have been trying to spend time with all the families and friends while in Indiana.  We have also driven more than humanly possible!

Eats have not been that exciting.  We have ate a bowl of oatmeal every morning but after that the day gets crazy and sometimes we end up skipping one meal or another or just snacking our way through the day.  Such is the holidays!

On the other side, running/training has been awesome.  I did not know whether or not we would be able to handle the cold, but so far so good.  Saturday was our planned rest day.  Sunday we had a long 90 minute run scheduled, but we ended up spending the whole afternoon with family and by the time we fit in the run it was about 26 degrees and getting dark.  Due to the dangerously icing sidewalks, we cut that to 4 miles.

Monday was planned 3 mile run + strength.  We did our long run Monday.  We ended up cutting a bit short just because that was how the route ended up.  We did 8 miles and my bottles actually froze shut on my running belt!  Crazy!

Monday night we drove another 100 miles to southern Indiana to visit the hubby's family.  Today (Tuesday) we ended up sleeping really late (finally!) and got to our run about 1 in the afternoon.  The hubby's little brother also joined us for the run.  His little brother plays baseball for his college-so he is a tad better shape than us!  Nonetheless we kicked out 5.5 miles at a good pace.

I am not following my training schedule exactly.  I have not done my interval training, but have actually added more mileage.  The key is that I am still keeping up with training and keeping active even though I am on holiday vacation.  It is important to be able to adapt your workouts rather than just skip them!  This allows those yummy Christmas cookies to go unnoticed!

Hope everyone's holidays are going well so far!  When I eat something blogworthy I promise to take pictures!

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