Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oatmeal Returns

I finally had time for a yummy relaxing breakfast.  Oatmeal, with some pumpkin and apples mixed in there!

I also hit the gym for about 2 hours today!  It was awesome!

On Sunday the hubby and I ran the Jingle Bell Run and I took my last final.  The race was not good.  I should have just skipped once my final got moved.  My body was mentally and physically exhausted.  The first mile was a struggle and it only went downhill from there.  I was just really down on myself and then my performance got worse.
The entire race I was just thinking about how I was running bad and I would probably go do bad on my test.  Negative thoughts, negative thoughts.  (These have been known to be a side effect of law school.)

Anyway I ended up finishing 30th out of 1312 in my age group.  Some of these runners were all-stars.  There were 5:50 paces for the 5 mile run. 

But the race benefitted the YMCA, so I am glad we did it.

My husband did great, and actually beat me by 1 minute.  (That will never happen again, haha).

Moral of the story:  Don't race when you in the middle of finals.  Bad on the body and the mind.

Here is a little family Christmas Picture, and yes I made us all wear our Christmas sweaters!

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