Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Miles

I apologize for the unregular posting, but so far this trip we have driven about 1800 most of our time has been in the car.  But, the trip has been good and we have seen a lot of family!

Here are a few food bites.  Unfortunately my meals have been very unregular as well, but here is a food review and my stepdad's "Texas BBQ Sandwich".

Food Review

This is my first time trying the Bear Naked bar.  This bar was the fruit and nut variety.

This bar had huge chunks of whole fruit and nuts!  The bar was also a very large!  I actually split the bar with my hubby because the portion was quite large and contained nearly 300 calories.
The bars flavor was great!  Maybe a tad too sweet, but overall great flavor.

Overall, I probably would not pay for this bar again because the portion and calories are a little too much for me.   My hubby loved the bar and thought the portion size was fine for him!

Texas BBQ Sandwich

This was obviously a splurge homemade food!  This was made from a whole loaf of french bread, mozz cheese, Italian sausage, and sweet BBQ sauce.  The sandwich is then baked until melted and warm!


We are now in Michigan and watching lots of snow fall!

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